The Smash Delta Community

Mission: Bring together leaders from the worlds of science, design, strategy and industry to change the world.

Our mantra: Strength in numbers.

The Smash Delta Community brings together scientists, strategists, designers and change makers, to share, learn & empower.

From senior government and corporate partners to PhD mathematicians, sports scientists and street artists. Building an inclusive community to capture new ideas and move us forward in the areas of analytics, technology and artificial intelligence.

🚀 Liftoff 🚀

Our community launch was the perfect reflection of the community itself - buzzing with conversation, interesting lessons to be learnt and new connections to be made. Check out our highlights video below, the photos of the night and read the blog post to hear our favourite bits!

Stay in the loop

We’re proud to bring together 3 completely different worlds - strategy, science and design - to create a new conversation. If you’re interested in these worlds and where they’re going, follow us on twitter - we’re constantly dlving into these topics, sharing news and ideas that we find interesting @thesmashdaily