Meet Smash Delta

2nd July 2018

Smash Delta

Hi There 👋

We’re Smash Delta - a next generation data strategy consulting firm, and we’re here to do something new.

We’re combining commercial strategy with data science and design to solve the most intractable problems and drive the most exciting opportunities for major corporate and government organisations.

We’ve set out to create change that you can see and touch - and it all stems from our central ethos:

Prove it

We step beyond the hype of the AI revolution to prove that new technologies and processes can genuinely deliver powerful change to your organisation and empower your people to perpetuate it.

But we don’t stop there, our experience and passion for robust data privacy and stewardship enables us to bring best practice policies to every strategy we deliver. We believe great guardians of user data will hold an enduring licence to innovate in analytics.

Our people come from Management Consulting, Data Science and Design disciplines - and over the past several years they’ve led projects that leverage the most cutting edge applications of analytics/AI, data strategy and data policy in Australia.

If you’re ready to take your next big leap, reach out to us at

We look forward to meeting you.